Welcome to WO5C,

The professional network for women all over the world!

Women of the Five Continents is an international organization based in Switzerland. It is devoted to the promotion of women across the five continents: Africa, Asia, Americas, Australia/Oceania and Europe.

We have set the goal to become a large networking hub for professional women so that they can reach their goals by exchanging services, contacts and business opportunities.

We want to support individuals defending human rights, most precisely women and children’s rights to raise awareness about their work and actions through this platform.

We also encourage investors, consumers and every visitor to support this movement by reaching out to this community and getting in touch with our Women of the Five Continents.


  • Present your projects or your companies
  • Collaborate with women from all kinds of fields and sectors
  • Create your own favourite list to follow organizations that are most relevant to you
  • Support the cause of women and children
  • Develop commercial activities in addition to create professional or personal contacts with other members of the community
  • Customize your page(s) and offer your services online
  • Actively use this network to participate in a strong network of friends & professionals.


Orphise Rodriguez,

Founder of the network Women Of the Five Continents

Ladies and Gentlemen, Women of the 5 Continents,

Let’s share with women, for women, but most of all, together. Today I encourage you to share, the WO5C ambition, to support women worldwide to make their talents known, to develop their professional and business projects and to move forward in their career.

wo5c.com is a convivial space, gathering a wide variety of talents: businesswomen, project developers, and change makers (men and women striving for the empowerment of women, children and/or for the defense of their rights). This social network allows them to present their work and connect with other professionals coming from the same line of business or having complementary activities, in order to expand our community.

Supporting women and their ambitions:

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