Can I have a contact list on the network?

For now, the system is not designed for this purpose. This platform gives priority to direct contact requests to solve practical problems at a given time.

I’d like to create an account but I don’t relate to a businesswoman, project developer or change maker profile.

In this case, you can sign up as a visitor and contact organizations which are likely to help you in your activities.

What can I do as a visitor?

We encourage visitors to contact organizations represented on the network, get in touch with them to do business, or support their activities (donations, sponsors, partnerships, purchases, etc.).

Is it possible for a male account to set up a businesswoman, or project developer account?

No, it is not possible. The rationale behind WO5C is to enable women to connect. Males can register but only as humanitarian or visitor accounts within the WO5C network.

Let’s stay that I created a company page with a project developer profile, but now I want to change my status to businesswoman?

We suggest that you delete your project developer’s profile and register again as a businesswoman, especially if you are using the same email address to create the account.

If I delete my account (and my organization) because I am changing my profile, does it mean that I won’t be visible anymore on the network?

Will I start from scratch to develop my network? We do not create a contact list on the WO5C network. You will only lose testimonials and comments left by other users. Therefore, your new project will receive new recommendations on your new page. Remember, the goal of this network is to help you to progress in your activities. If you go beyond the stage of project, then you have succeeded something. Your old page will be gone, and you will replace it with a new one.

I match with all three profiles available on the platform (businesswoman, project developer and change maker), which one should I choose?

You will have to choose a profile that most represents you in the organization. The good news is that you can create as many organizations as needed. Let’s say that you are a businesswoman for organization 1, and project developer for organization 2, then you can represent two organizations under two different profiles.

Do I automatically have the same profile for the organizations that I am adding to my account?

No. If you are businesswoman for organization 1, you can be project developer for organization 2. When you click on “add organization”, you can choose the profile that best corresponds to your situation.

What happens if I decide to remove my account?

If you are the only administrator of the organization you are representing, then it will be automatically removed. If there are several people associated to the organization, the page will remain but you will be asked to name a new administrator.

What is the administrator’s role?

The administrator can allocate roles and delete organizations (if he or she is the sole administrator). Please note that the administrator has a limited role on the network. Premium users have more options.

How many people become administrator(s) of an organization?

The number of administrators per organization is currently unlimited.

How do I become administrator of a page?

  • Automatic administrator: you are automatically designated as the administrator of a page when you create a new organization.
  • Administrator by affiliation: the current administrator wishes to transfer his admin rights to someone else before leaving the platform and/or the organization.
  • The administrator can also be willing to share this role with someone else.

What are the roles of those who manage the web page of an organization?

Administrator or editor.

What is the role of an editor?

Can do everything like the administrator except remove an organization and appoint new roles.

I am too busy to manage all my organizations on the network. Can I designate someone to manage my pages?

You can name an editor or another administrator to manage the page of your organization. However, this person will have to sign up to the network as a businesswoman, project developer or change maker. The alternative is to give access codes (to your account) to the person you to entrust to do the job, which is not advised!!

How many organizations can I create on the WO5C network?

You can create as many organizations as you want if you have a Premium account.

My company has not been officially registered yet. Can I create my web page anyway?

Yes, you can. The registration information is completely optional. The fact that the company is registered may reassure the public about the credibility of your structure, but you can use other assets to promote your activities.

How do I know if an organization is reliable or not?

You can read testimonials from previous users. It is not enough though. We strongly recommend that you make the necessary investigations before placing an order or doing business with this organization.

I searched organizations in a specific field but it returned no results.

If you cannot find anything, it means that we don’t have this category of users in the network yet. You can always contact us at the following address and we will take care of your research.

I don’t trust organization. I don’t think it is reliable. Can I report it?

You can get in touch with us. Click on “contact WO5C” and you will find the mention “report a problem”.

I bought something from an organization but I never received anything.

You can report a problem by getting in touch with us. We will then contact the organization and examine the situation. However, we are not responsible for the merchant’s behaviour.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter after having completed the registration step?

Whether you are a visitor, a businesswoman, a project developer or a change maker, you will always be able to subscribe to the newsletter on the page dedicated to “my account”.