Why join WO5C as a volunteer? 

You have talent that you are not using daily!

You want to share your skills with the community!

You believe that women should be encouraged in their professional life!

You want to be a part of the big picture!

 You want to make new contacts!

You have the flexibility to try new things!

You want to explore your creativity!

You want to invest in your future!


In which area (s) would you like to get involved?


WO5C is an organization that communicates in French and English.

As we are using different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube to communicate we need translation for all our marketing activities.

It could take up to 4 hours a week to work on the translation.

Your profile: You are fluent in French and English and you have great writing skills!



We want to capture important events and use our own voice to communicate with our audience. If you have the gift of photography, shoot us an email. It is not a full-time commitment. We will ask for your help spontaneously.


Let’s say that you are following the news very closely and you like searching the web. We would love to have you! As a community, WO5C wants to share important facts and news to inspire business women, project developers and change makers.


You know what it means to handle a budget, work on strategies to raise funds or generate revenue. With your help, we would like to turn volunteers into employees and ensure the growth of this network.

Join us today!


You like organising small events from time to time. Use this opportunity to get inspired by talented people, share your gifts, and let people know that this community exists.