Fleuress Skin Care System


Fleuresse is a combination of remarkable ingredients used for years in the Triangle of Health-including Blueberry, Noni and Tocotrienol Vitamin E, with plant stem cell extracts from a rare Swiss apple.

Fleuresse hydrates, nourishes your skin and reveals a brighter, more youthful looking appearance.


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Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental factors that cause damage; and we age our skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes. Kyani has leveraged its expertise in natural botanicals to harness extracts from Swiss apple that defied the normal spoiling process to stay fresh.

Utilising these extracts and other ingredients including Blueberry, Noni, and Tocotrienols, Kyani has developed Fleuresse– a premium line of skin care products that hydrates and nourishes your skin fro a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Please visit my website https://allyzee.kyani.org/fr/ch to order these products or any other orders.



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