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The Ladybird Orphanage is a home for non-adoptable girls near Bangalore.

The Orphanage welcomes girls from 4 to 18 years old, the girls can legally leave at 16 years old should they wish to do so. It gives them a roof, a family, a safe environment and social activities as well as offers them a proper education in a local private school. It can accommodate about 40 girls, but there are currently only 18 girls living there as they are lacking funds to welcome more girls.

Their school material is actually offered by the school, mostly books and material used by previous students. The schooling is limited to a small fee per girl. It is the way for the school to support the orphanage. Most of their clothing is also donated by the students of the school.

Their needs are essentially financial, they need to pay for the school fees, for water, electricity and other bills, food and other needs.

Currently the orphanage does not have running hot water. There is project to add solar panels on the roof to heat the water and lower electricity bills. We want to help them pay for the solar panels, a local company has already accepted to offer the installation of the solar panel system.

The Orphanage building itself was built and is administrated by a local, ladies only, Lion’s Club, who also regularly raise funds locally to help finance the Orphanage. They share how heart-warmed they are that you are ready to help the girls.


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