Holy Trinity Orphanage

The Journey

Holy Trinity orphanage was founded by 2 women. One was Swiss and the other one from the Philippines. It was Lorna, the Philipino, who had the idea at a young age to give back to the community. Her family was displayed in a refugee place at a young age, so she knew how hard life could be for street children. After living in Switzerland with her Swiss husband for a few years, the couple decided to drop their life here to build an orphanage in the Philippines in 2011. The initial CHF 50’000 to buy the land and build the premises were mostly raised by her Swiss friends. Today there are 20 children taken care of, if more funds are available, more could be done. The Southern Philippines are more stable now, but in 2013 there was a street war in downtown Zamboanga between the army and Islamists. Security continues to be an issue, and it’s not recommended for foreigners to travel there. That’s also a reason why big international charities are not present there.



What are the main challenges? How did you overcome them?

In the Philippines, it’s common to have women in leadership positions. In fact, there have been women leading the country on two different occasions.

However, the challenges revolve around financial support, especially locally. They are lots of empty promises. Generally, the orphanage receives gifts in kinds, but they mostly need funds. This year, the organization received 6000 CHF from a Manila-based foundation. This is good progress. The quality of the services provided and the professional reporting may also encourage the foundation to increase their contribution next year. The objective is to generate more income internally. For 2019 they hope to raise 25% of the annual budget locally. The rest comes from Switzerland.

Legal status: HTO is an association here in Switzerland and a foundation in the Philippines. A partnership agreement was made between the two. There are strict guidelines in terms of spending and reporting to make sure that the money is going where it’s supposed to go.

Healthy meals for vulnerable children

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