Meet Alice, Independent Distributor at Kyäni Inc.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

My name is Alice Bourassin-Kamau. I am a businesswoman and specialize in the domain of multilevel (MLM) marketing that I have been doing since 2005. I am passionate about multilevel marketing especially in the sector of Health and wellness. This kind of entrepreneurship allows you to juggle between your normal day job, family and any other kind of lifestyle, because of its flexibility, by consecrating some quality time in the business.

I am currently working with Kyani Inc as an Independent Distributor/ Consultant – a health & wellness and skin care company, since June 2017. I am passionate about helping people especially in the area of improving their health.

Kyani has developed an extraordinary yet simple nutritional system that has helped hundreds of thousands all around the world to achieve optimal health. The other thing I am passionate about in my business, is help nourish the less fortunate families, through the Kyani Potato Paks (packed with dietary nutrition). Kyani Caring Hands Foundation gives me the chance to be part of something bigger and more impactful.


Photographer: Sandra Garrido


In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur is trying to grow your business. Trying to have more clients and keep those existing ones, loyal enough to refer your business to others.


How do you keep your customers satisfied with your services? What is your secret?

Since this business is based on relationship and mostly communicating with clients to make them aware of the products, a healthy understanding, and respect to their needs is one way to build a good relationship with them. I put aside the Sales person’s “hat” and always approach my clients as a Promoter/Consultant by communicating, asking questions, provide information, and help those interested in my product or service get what they want.

I give away sample products to interested clients before they commit to buying the products increases satisfaction.

Kyani has a 100% 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee, which gives the customers flexibility to return the product(s), whether used or unused, without really having to feel like they were forced to buy a product they were not sure of.


What attracts you the most about joining an international community of women entrepreneurs?

I am excited to know that on this platform or wherever as a woman I can cultivate my business talents worldwide, and more so around other women entrepreneurs.

Since we are all talented in different areas, this diversity allows us to penetrate easily into the international markets, having the feeling of togetherness and support that encourages us to achieve our goals and success.

An international community of women entrepreneurs allows me as a woman to have confidence in myself knowing that I can make my dreams come true by attaining that success I have always dreamed of, by growing my business with the world, which started as an idea.

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