Pay it forward

The movie Forrest Gump depicts a tale of adversity overcome primarily through being a good person and doing the right thing, no matter how hard that option is.

For those who don’t know:

In this movie, Tom Hanks plays the lead role of Forrest Gump, a kind-hearted, good-natured but (at times) intellectually challenged man who somehow succeeds at everything he does.

His decision to start a shrimp business (near the end of the movie) was related to the idea of honouring a deceased friend killed in the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, he knows nothing about the Shrimp business, but with the help of a friend he had saved in the war, (Lieutenant Dan) his business grows and succeeds. Prior to joining the venture, Lieutenant Dan was a bitter man having lost his legs in the same war that killed the friend (that was the inspiration for the shrimp business). However, out a sense of loyalty and debt to Forrest he agrees to help. The friendship and successful collaboration ultimately proving to be the salvation for both.

The movie exemplifies that doing the right thing is the best way to go. Sometimes, our decisions may sound silly, but deep down they make us feel good about ourselves. We personally have something to learn from Forrest Gump.

How can we make a difference with “Women of the Five Continents” and not worry about tomorrow?

Our love for people is and should always be our main concern. We want to serve women and children and help reduce some of the most painful problems such as violence, social dependence, or professional recognition. As we follow the right cause, things should work out for the best.

In other words, we need only to focus on the right things.Whatever, your guiding principles in life are, it is our belief that if they revolve around being a good person to yourself and to your fellow human being then, good things will eventually happen #payitforward

Written by Orphise Rodriguez and Gareth Kelsey

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