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The journey

When Joanie went to India for the 1st time, she stayed with locals and completely fell in love with the country. She was introduced to schools and learned about India’s poor education system. She learned that the government only provides walls and teachers but the families have to take care of the rest. After selling some pictures through an exhibition, she decided to give the benefits to Round Table India (RTI), an organization that builds schools where the state doesn’t operate.

Building schools where the State doesn’t – Pictures of India

Now, Pictures of India supports RTI and two other projects in India:


The LadyBird Orphanage: This orphanage is for girls who cannot be adopted. The orphanage has 2 rooms of 20 beds. They currently have 18 kids but cannot take more because of lack of funding. Generally, the girls stay there until age 16.

Ladybird Orphanage for girls – Pictures of India

The Juvi home is for young women in difficulty: Those women, between age 16 to 25 don’t have an education and are not able to get by by themselves so the home offers them a seamstress training, budgeting classes, writing, and English classes. The goal is to empower them to become independent. They usually stay between 6-12 months to give room to other women in need. The home has the capacity to take up to 20 women who generally come from afar.

Juvi Home for women in difficulty – Pictures of India

Since 2016, Pictures of India is selling items in Switzerland that were made by the women of the Juvi Home to support their initiative. This year the association will be selling crafts at the Christmas market and the Cine Masala Festival in Lausanne.






The major challenge is here in Switzerland. When she talked to the Ambassador of India in Switzerland, he told her that people here didn’t care about the education system in India. It’s hard to raise funds here. The Juvi Home needs a car, for example, to sells crafts in the local markets. With less than 2’000, they would be able to afford a good 2nd handed car. This year, Pictures of India was able to raise 800 CHF, which is not enough to support this initiatives.


The orphanage, on the other hand, would like to install solar panels in the house to allow the girls to use hot water in the showers and lower their electricity bills. Clearly, this project is very expensive. They would need at least 10’000 CHF to make it happen. They found a local company that is happy to install them for free but they still have to pay for the solar panels.


Advice for those who want to create an NGO:


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