Top Ways for Professional Women to Build Self-confidence

For professionally ambitious women, building networks are important for career development. It gives them the opportunity to meet critical decision makers in their industry or company. For some, networking comes naturally but for others, it can create stress and uncertainty. Some common questions might be: How should I get noticed? Who should I talk to? What is the appropriate thing to say? Should I keep my ideas to myself? Should I just learn from top leaders and keep it low key?

It’s inspiring to read success stories from women’s networking platforms. These women seem to have more courage and audacity than the average female population. But how do they fight the odds? What motivates them to create something extraordinary? How do they continuously try, even when there is a high risk of failure and embarrassment? If asked, some techniques for building self-confidence can be found in the list below:

Taking Responsibility. This is the first and foremost technique for building self-confidence. It is the woman herself who can allow new things to take place in her life. If she waits for a chance to provide her with increased confidence, or prosperity, she’ll be waiting for a very long time. It is necessary to understand that the path towards self-confidence is one that every woman should travel, no one else could do it for her.

Trying New Things In Life. It is not necessary to depend on others to enjoy life. Sometimes it’s important to make time for one’s self. So, trying something new is a great idea. It may include going out to a networking event alone, approaching leaders, taking a class in an unknown subject area, testing ideas with a new audience. These things can help a woman test her abilities. It’s the best way for her to rely on herself.

Developing An Action Plan And Executing It. This may include, selecting an area for professional and personal growth, determining action plans to get there. For this, a woman needs to put each step on a timeline and implement them as per the strategy, and not procrastinate. These small steps will boost her confidence.

Sticking with It. When a new challenge is taken, one should stick with it. Self-reliance doesn’t come from the things attempted. If it did, one failed attempt would be enough to bring someone back to the lowest level of confidence. Confidence develops from a growing belief that one can act, learn from mistakes, and do it right.

Acting “as if.” If a woman avoids taking actions, she will never do it. In psychology, one could say that by changing actions, anyone can change feelings. Thus, by taking actions, and doing so with an appearance of outward confidence, true feelings of self-belief will follow.

Finding Mentors. Knowing and watching positive people trying something new every day without regretting it will do it all. Finding mentors like this, finding out what & how they do, and most importantly asking them for feedback about their action plans and implementation is key to building self-confidence. These confident persons are always happy to help. They remember the efforts and courage needed to reach the level that they are at today.

In the end, building self-confidence is all about having belief in one’s self and acting on it. One must do whatever it takes, whether it is looking for a business partner at events, reaching out to people through women’s networking platforms, doing yoga, or going for a makeover with an image consultant. Also, supporting other women is the best thing a woman can do to help other pretty women shine.

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