Let’s create a worldwide community of female artists!

WO5C is happy to announce its collaboration with Linkarte – ‘Link Women in the Arts (LWA)’. The goal of LWA is to bring social transformation through the Arts created by women across the 5 continents.

What Is WO5C’s Objective?

WO5C is a platform helping professional women across the globe in growing and developing their businesses. The main goal of this social platform is to empower women by offering them endless professional opportunities.

What Is Linkarte’s Objective?

Linkarte is a professional community that helps artistic projects come to life. It aims at building a community where artists and technicians establish professional contacts and can engage their audience in the largest number of processes. 

As we noticed a great number of women working in the field of arts, we came up with an idea to offer them all the support available to promote their work and boost their visibility. This collaboration aims at strengthening dialogue between users to achieve greater social impact while fostering the concept of “social creativity”, a creativity committed to reduce cultural barriers and inequalities; a creativity understood as a psychological, professional and social necessity.

The Inaugural Event

With the mission of building a community of female artists, we had our opening event on the 1st May 2017 in Lausanne (Switzerland) presenting the great artists: Yolanda Almodóvar (singer) and Maibis Navarro (painter). We are looking for other artists for upcoming events in Switzerland always in the spirit to promote emerging and talented artists.

We look forward to generating professional synergies with each of the following profiles:








Filmmakers etc.

Artists with great potential will be featured on the official Facebook page of Link Women in the Arts.

If you know any professional female artist or companies where women are predominant, please let us know so we can contact them for future collaborations.

We look forward to meeting you online or offline!



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