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This is a professional social network for women all over the world!

We want the world to know about you and the great work you are doing!

If you are a businesswoman, a woman entrepreneur, a man or woman working in an NGO which supports women and children, sign up and let Women of the Five Continents tell the world about your work while allowing you to connect with other ambitious women.

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What is WO5C all about?

A global platform allowing professional women worldwide to connect with each other, share knowledge and enhance their skills.

  • Create your profile page as a businesswoman, project developer or change maker
  • Grow your professional network with other members, participate in varied activities
  • Exchange your services online
  • Embrace endless professional opportunities

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What are WO5C values?

Let your new day bring new strength and new thoughts

  • Help Individuals to Accept and Defend Women and Children’s Rights
  • Enable Women to Partner and Collaborate
  • Accept Womanhood in All Forms
  • Tolerate Different Opinions and Values That Don’t Infringe on The Rights of Others
  • Thrive for Respect, Passion, Education, Courage, Loyalty, Honesty, Reliability

Our Team

Coming Together, Working Together, Achieving Together

Orphise Rodriguez


Orphise is a dynamic entrepreneur with a vision to see women collaborate around the world.

She wants to connect with Leaders, Business people and Change Makers to bring out new initiatives through this platform. Women of the Five Continents is a pathway for networking. She loves meeting people. Orphise is inspired by leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg and Michelle Obama. These women are not only leaders but are authentic.

Gareth Kelsey

Head of IT

Gareth defines himself as person who can deliver effective IT Services through management, vision, engagement, communication, and change.

He is an entrepreneurial and visionary leader that will pioneer ideas for service improvements.  He achieves this by being a decisive and expressive complex decision maker where communication and systemic thinking is a key to being a success.  As a manager, he believes he works for his team and not the other way around.

Natacha Akribas

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

After receiving a Master’s in Economics at the University of Geneva, Natacha worked for several multinational companies providing financial control services and expertise. After 15 years Natacha decided to pursue a specialized career in tax. Initially working for consultancy firms Natacha was responsible for well over a hundred customers. Eventually, in 2009, Natacha decided to set up her own independent consultancy company where she has now provided tax and accounting expertise to more than 50 customers in Switzerland and abroad.

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